Super stoked about our first Aika Collective photo show here in our backyard of Long Beach, CA. You don’t want to miss this one, 20 epic photographers with their iconic photo prints, old and new. There will be photos from the 15 Aika Collective photographers that are already on this site, plus 5 new photographers are in the mix for the show: Brian Gaberman, Lance Dawes, Tobin Yelland, Joe Hammeke and Brian Bielmann.

It has been hard picking the photos we’re showing since there are just too many amazing photos for the available wall space. Without giving away too much, the final selection is heavy with guys like Ishod, Cardiel, Gonz, Lance Mountain, Koston, Reynolds, Rowley, Grant Taylor to name a few.

One of our good friends and Aika Collective photographers John Bradford was kind enough to let us use his killer photo studio for this show in the Loma Street Market building. There will be live music by Leo Romero’s band Travesura, Austyn Gillette’s band Vaude and DJ Wade. Big thanks to all the photographers involved + Volcom, Vans and Saint Archer for making this show happen. Hope to see you guys next week Thursday!

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